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Lawn Aeration in Clinton, AR

Why should we bother with Lawn Aeration?

lawn aeration in Clinton, AR is the most effective way of relieving a lawn of thatch and soil compaction. By punching lots of holes or removing cores of soil from the lawn, the aeration process removes thatch from the lawn surface and relieves soil compaction around the root zone. Your lawn will perform a whole lot better after being aerated.

Will your lawn benefit from Lawn Aeration?

Always. lawn aeration in Clinton, AR. Generally, we recommend lawn aeration in Clinton, AR every two (2) to three (3) years, however, it really depends on the amount of traffic and use the turf surface gets.

Depending on what the turf amenity is used for will dictate how often you need to aerate the lawn area. We have seen school playing fields get absolutely trashed through the sport season and school terms. So in the case of school lawn areas these should really be aerated (and fertilized with a good lawn care program in place) every school holidays.

Sports field and playing fields really do require optimum levels of care similar to school grounds.

For homes and corporate sites, lawn aeration in Clinton, AR may only be needed every 2, 3 or more years.

Benefits of Turf Aeration and Coring include:

  1. Relieves soil compaction
  2. Increases water infiltration
  3. Stimulates new root development
  4. Improves turf thickness, vigor, and overall health
  5. Provides better fertilizer uptake and penetration into the root zone
  6. Increases air penetration into soil which increases soil microbe activity
  7. Increased microbe activity breaks down thatch
  8. Enhanced thatch breakdown
  9. Decreases water requirements for healthy turf
  10. Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  11. Reduces water puddling and runoff
  12. Improves air exchange
  13. Finally, it promotes a greener, weed free lawn

The Best aeration equipment includes walk behind Lawn Coring machines for smaller areas and tractor mounted aeration machines (like Aerovators) for larger turf areas. 

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